What is the Grassroots Organizing Conference?

The NJ Grassroots Organizing Conference (GOC) is a networking and training event for student and community organizers across the state of New Jersey. Whether you are a professional advocacy group looking to train up some new staff, a community leader starting a group with your neighbors, or a student bringing organizing tools back to your group on campus, the GOC is the perfect place for you!

The GOC will be held Sunday, April 11th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It will take place remotely on Zoom.

Why you should attend: 

  • Build your organizing skills through training

  • Network with other advocates

  • Improve your knowledge on the issues such as:

    • Democracy Reform

    • 100% Renewable Energy

    • Youth Voter Engagement

    • Immigrant rights

  • Learn about volunteering & career organizing positions

  • Grow leadership and public speaking skills

Conference History

The first annual NJ Grassroots Organizing Conference was April 21st, 2017. The GOC was organized after the 2016 election cycle, where we saw a surge of political energy among many who had never engaged before--out of this uptick in political participation came many new faces with lots of enthusiasm, but little concept on how to act on it or who else they could team up with. The first GOC was pulled together to fill this training and communication void.


With just a couple of months between inception and implementation, and working off of a shoestring budget, the first annual Grassroots Organizing Conference attracted attendees from nearly 50 different grassroots organizations from every county in the state! We're happy to be back at it again this year, and with greater resources and momentum we're looking forward to making this year's conference bigger and better than ever.

About NJPIRG Funding

Every three years, Rutgers students vote in a referendum to reaffirm our funding. The NJPIRG referendum is the largest student vote in the country. In the fall of 2016, Rutgers students voted overwhelmingly to fund NJPIRG Student Chapters, with 85% of participants voting yes and over 19,000 students turning out. Again, we saw the same campus support for student chapters in fall of 2019.

Students at Rutgers vote to fund NJPIRG through a $11.20 per student per semester waivable fee on the tuition bill. Students at Rutgers have been a part of NJPIRG Student Chapters for over 40 years, pooling their resources to hire staff, such as researchers and grassroots organizers, to work with them on issues they care about.The elected student Board of Directors decides how to spend our resources and which campaigns to run, such as working with the Rutgers Libraries to create a pilot program for affordable textbooks starting spring 2017, working for clean energy, and combating hunger and homelessness.