Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to this conference?

Professional organizers, youth activists, volunteer community advocates... anyone! There is no required base-level of knowledge of organizing to attend this conference. Individuals not affiliated with a group are welcome to attend, though individuals who seek to join a group or start their own are likely to find our trainings more applicable. 

Those who are engaged (or seek to become engaged) with grassroots organizing are the primary audience of this conference. However, others are welcome too: government officials, college administrators, charitable foundations, academics, and others are all welcome to attend!

When and where is the conference?

The conference is Sunday, April 11, 2021 from 10am to 3pm. It will be held virtually via Zoom. To access the login information, please register for the conference in the top righthand corner as the necessary meeting ID and password will be emailed within the final weeks leading up to the event.

What is the cost of attendance?

The conference is entirely FREE! It is important to us that grassroots organizing skills and professional training curriculum are available to all, regardless of financial resources. 

What is the political stance of the conference?

While the conference may offer some "issue spotlights" for popular areas of interest, the purpose of the conference is not to encourage or discourage work on any specific issue or platform. Rather, the focus of the GOC is to provide a nonpartisan atmosphere for a broad range of NJ organizers to build their skills and organizational capacity.


The presence of organizations on the sponsors page does not indicate a collective endorsement of any one organization's specific political stances, nor does it indicate that any one organization on the list is formally affiliated with any other given organization on the list. All cosponsoring organizations and trainers involved in the program are valued for the organizing skills and knowledge they have to offer that are transferable across all issues and political leanings.